It takes a community, everyone of us to address the outcomes of substance abuse. The bells may not go off at first. The dots may not be connected at first. It may take a moment or two to realize that the most challenging and costly issues that we know of have a common root - substance abuse.

It may not be recognized as a problem at first glance. Recreational use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin started as first use...

TOGETHER FOR RESILIENT YOUTH (T.R.Y.) pulls it all together for you and connects the dots. But once the dots are connected we need you, the Influence of Change to make the difference. You can find a place to use your gifts, talents, financial and in kind resources. 

Environmental change takes longer than programs that you may be familiar with. We NEED programs. For example, when addressing car crash fatalities. Informing the public that there was an issue was a terrific step. Introducing child safety seats - another great step. Requiring the outfitting of every car with safety belts and laws that they must be worn? That made the difference.

We provide news and advocacy alerts, public policy initiatives and access to a wide range of publications and online materials.  We are committed to using every tool that we can to help you to be more effective in carrying the common message. 

T.R.Y. PREVENTION! It works!



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