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Forward Together was launched at the TRY Prevention 2019 April Conference, we invited you to participate!


What's in a Name?


Peer Supports are known by many names: 

Peer Support Specialist, Recovery Support Specialist, Healthcare Navigator, Whole Health CoachAmbassador, Community Health Worker, Peer Navigator,Peer Advocate, Peer Mentor, Peer Educator, Peer Leader, Peer Counselor, Recovery Coach, Lay Health Advisor, Consumer Provider, Patient Navigator, Forensic Peer Specialist, Consumer Case Manager, Promotoras andFirestarters to name a few.

Peer Supports strongly uphold the values of recovery and resiliency. They serve as role models for wellness, responsibility, and empowerment. Throughout all interactions, peer specialists communicate warmth, empathy, and a non- judgmental stance. They provide support and guidance without telling their peers what they should do. 


Where Forward Together Whole Health Coaches differ:


*Shared responsibility outside of the recovery community.


TRY Forward Together (FT) seeks to use the power of TRY and TRY's established coalition partner members (adults, youth, young adults and parents that have lost children) to be trained as WHOLE HEALTH AMBASSADORS. FT requires bringing the entire community together to achieve positive change and measurable results.


The list of basic responsibilities for the Whole Health Ambassador (phase 1)

Participate in training to include: 

Whole Health Curriculum


Community Safety

Develop Whole Health Resource Guide

Reduce STIGMA 

Facilitate community involvement and/or advocacy 



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