Teens with more friends more likely to drink alcohol.

A new study published by Academic Pediatrics reports that adolescents with a large social network of friends are more likely to start drinking alcohol than teens who aren't front and center in their high school social scene. The findings from the study of 2,610 U.S. students in grades 7 through 11 suggest that limiting the size of teens' social networks and spending more family time bonding may help delay the start of alcohol use. The results show that parents have an important role to play, according to study author Marlon Mundt of the University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. "Parental modeling of responsible alcohol use and having fun together as a family offer protective benefit against adolescent alcohol initiation," Mundt explained in a journal news release. This work was supported by a grant to Mundt from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), NIAAA 1K01 AA018410-01.

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  Hablar con tu hijo preadolescente o adolescente a veces puede ser un poco dificil. Tal vez empieces a platicar con tu hijo y recibes una "de esas miradas" que detiene la conversacin inmediatamente. O tal vez tu hijo quiere hablar contigo, pero tests distrado pagando las cuentas y no le est prestando mucha atencin.
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